Our family helping your family move

H.O.M.E. (Helping Others Move Efficiently) was born out of a heartfelt experience. Brad Amiot, the founder, found himself assisting a close friend during her move to a senior living residence. While managing her financial accounts was straightforward, the process of transitioning from her beloved home to a new community was overwhelming. The countless considerations and decisions seemed insurmountable. However, Brad's calm and composed approach prevailed, bringing a sense of peace to the situation.

This profound experience shed light on a pressing need within the community - to support seniors in their transition to new living arrangements. H.O.M.E. recognized that moving later in life can be an incredibly stressful experience for the entire family. Thus, the vision to provide comprehensive assistance was born.

H.O.M.E. is not merely a moving service; it aims to address the diverse needs that arise during this transformative period. Whether you require help with the logistics of your move or assistance in decluttering and selling or leasing your home, H.O.M.E. is here to offer a compassionate hand. Our mission is to alleviate your worries and guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition filled with understanding and relief.

We know moving is difficult, We're here to help!

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