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downsizingDownsizing or rightsizing. Preparing for retirement or helping aging parents move into a more manageable space. Whatever the reason you’ve decided to relocate, H.O.M.E. will make your move seamless and painless.

To much stuff to move? What to do with it all?
Over the years we accumulate stuff. We have good intentions or clearing it all out just seems impossible, it happens to all of us.

Being disorganized before you move often prolongs the process and can be expensive. You don’t want to pay to move twice as much stuff if you don’t have to!

HOME can help you with decluttering and getting organized before you transition to your new space.

When your house is in order, you are in control and you can better manage what will move with you and what needs a new home. 

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home, preparing for a move or just need more space in your current home, H.O.M.E. can help get you organized by providing the following services:

  • Sorting assistance to help clarify what you truly need, want and have space for
  • Carefully pack and label all of your belongings
  • Coordinate items for sale or donation
  • Remove and dispose of unwanted items
  • Confidentially destruct outdated personal records
  • Accommodate special physical needs by re-organizing household furnishings

Once your household items are sorted and organized, you can determine how you would like to get rid of the stuff. H.O.M.E. can organize estate sales, online auctions and donations for you.

Ready to get organized? Start by scheduling a free quote.

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